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Five Financial Resolutions for the New Year

By NerdWallet, Inc.
  | Jan 04, 2018

Financial planning on computer

A brand new year provides the perfect opportunity to make meaningful life changes, including improved financial wellness. These five financial resolutions can help get your year off to a promising start.

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What You Did This Year: Our Tribute

By Staff
  | Dec 28, 2017

Every year we are inspired by our members' remarkable accomplishments, and 2017 was no exception. Cheers to our new homeowners, creative entrepreneurs, resilient neighborhoods, determined students and all of our members and partners. 

Thanks for all your trust and support this year. From us at Self-Help, this tribute is for you.


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A Spirit of Caring and Community: A Mountain Legacy

By Connie Corn
  | Dec 22, 2017

When I received the assignment to produce the DuPont Employees Credit Union legacy video, I was excited but somewhat overwhelmed with the challenge to fit their story in a seven-minute video. How could I tell the history of the credit union without first telling the story of the unique employee group who started it?

The DuPont plant brought a diverse group of individuals together who made the best of a work-life balance. Forming a credit union was just one of the ways they helped each other. They also formed other associations that intertwined their lives. These relationships continue today as a reflection on this unique employee group. This video is but a glimpse into their story.  

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Our Top Ten Stories in 2017

By Staff
  | Dec 14, 2017

Opening credit screen from a video about the history of St. Luke Credit Union

It’s a pleasure to offer weekly news here at “Self-Help Shares,” and we always have lots to cover. Topics include items like money management tips, special credit union events, financial policies that affect working families and profiles of members and community leaders who inspire us.

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Lower Rates + Determination = New Homeowners

By Staff
  | Dec 07, 2017

Photo of Charlene holding keys to her new home.

Charlene Watson at the closing of her new home

For years, Charlene Watson had the goal of becoming a homeowner. She wanted a house in a safe neighborhood where she and her 15-year-old son could thrive. She also knew that by owning, she could build a stronger financial future.

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Affordable Financing for Assistive Technologies: Why it Matters

By David Beck
  | Nov 30, 2017

Hearing aids help David concentrate and better communicate with colleagues.

David chats with Tracy Cox, a colleague on Self-Help's Development team.

Hearing loss often comes gradually, at least mine did. It started with an increase in how often I would ask people to repeat sentences. Over time, the problem worsened. When a colleague asked me to turn off my beeping watch—which I couldn’t hear at all—I had to concede that my hearing needed a boost. I started looking into hearing aids.

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Happy Thanksgiving from Self-Help!

By Staff
  | Nov 22, 2017


Self-Help Credit Union Staff at a recent meeting. Photo by Ricky Leung

This is the season with a lot of emphasis on giving. Holiday shopping has begun in earnest, and many of us are stepping up our efforts to volunteer, donate and help make this a better holiday season for the many people—far too many—in need.

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Steps to Opening a Small Business

By NerdWallet
  | Nov 16, 2017

Woman on Laptop

Twenty20 Stock Photo

It takes more than a great idea and entrepreneurial spirit to be your own boss. But if you follow the right path, that dream can be within reach. Here’s what you need to do to start a small business.

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Self-Help's 2017 Annual Meeting: Recognizing "Ordinary Heroes"

By Staff
  | Nov 10, 2017

Self-Help members Kennis Wilkins and Elbert Avery attended the annual meeting on Wednesday

Self-Help members Kennis Wilkins and Elbert Avery (Staff photo)

This past Wednesday Self-Help Credit Union held its annual meeting in downtown Durham, NC. Even on a rainy night, dedicated members and supporters came out to participate in board elections, receive updates and enjoy good food.

Randy Chambers, President of Self-Help Credit Union, presented the financial report for the organization, noting strong performance and growth. One big event this year was our merger with Jax Metro Credit Union in Jacksonville, Florida. Jax Metro has four branches in Jacksonville with about 4,500 members.

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The Economy Needs New Markets and Historic Preservation Tax Credits

By Tucker Bartlett
  | Nov 02, 2017


The U.S. House Ways & Means Committee has now released draft legislation with proposed tax changes. Many aspects of this draft will be hotly debated, but here I want to focus on two items in particular. If enacted, the Committee's proposal would eliminate the New Markets Tax Credit and the Historic Preservation Tax Credit -- tax incentives with a proven track record for generating jobs and economic growth.

The New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) is a great example of a government investment that produces benefits well above its costs. For every one dollar of federal investment, NMTCs have generated $8 of private investment. 

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