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Self-Help Federal Credit Union

 Hey, if you're looking for service in California, Illinois, or Wisconsin please visit Self-Help Federal Credit Union.  What's the difference? Read here.

About Self-Help Federal Credit Union—California, Illinois, Washington, and Wisconsin

Self-Help Federal Credit Union was chartered in 2008 to build a network of credit union branches to operate on a scale uncommon in the community development industry. Through a series of mergers, acquisitions and new branch launches in California, Illinois, Washington, and Wisconsin, we are building a community development credit union that aims to provide high-impact financial services to working-class communities.

Self-Help Federal now has 36 branches and serves over 95,000 people. We are committed to delivering safe and affordable savings, transparently-priced accounts and a full suite of loans—small dollar, citizenship, unsecured consumer, auto and mortgage—often to borrowers who could not access responsible services elsewhere.  

Visit Self-Help Federal Credit Union's Website.