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Nationwide Impact

Helping Families Across the Country

Self-Help consistently works to have impact beyond our base in North Carolina, California, Florida and Chicago.

Our affiliate, the Center for Responsible Lending (CRL), has worked for over a decade to highlight the problems of predatory lending and push for policy changes that have saved American household millions of dollars annually. See CRL's website for more details.

Our Home Loan Secondary Market Program is another example of our national work. We purchase portfolios of home loans from other lenders, providing them more funds to invest in the communities they serve. This program has touched on all 50 states, providing $5.5 billion in capital and reaching more than 56,000 home buyers. We have also provided direct financing to community projects across the country, including these:

  • Public charter schools in 16 states
  • Affordable housing projects in seven states
  • A Gary, Indiana grocery store in a neighborhood lacking healthy food choices

Financing Affordable Housing in New Haven, CT

The West Rock Revitalization Project is a $200 million initiative to create affordable housing in New Haven, Connecticut—one of the country’s highest-cost areas for housing. The new development replaces two densely populated and neglected housing projects that were torn down by the city, displacing nearly 500 low-income families.

A Self-Help loan through our Neighborhood Stabilization Program helped finance the $33 million “Rockview Phase I” part of the project, creating 77 affordable housing units as part of the new mixed-income community.

Residents in New Haven show off a Thanksgiving turkey.