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Branch closings 9-5

Our Rosman, NC branch is closed today (5/13) and will be closed tomorrow (5/14). Please contact Member Services at (800) 966-7353 for assistance.

Our Credit Union Members

Our Credit Union Members

Self-Help provides fair and affordable financial services to all, with a focus on reaching people of color, women, rural residents and low-income people and communities. We serve over 150,000 members through our credit union branches at Self-Help Credit Union and Self-Help Federal Credit Union.

Providing Fair Financial Services

We offer accounts, loans and services designed for people from varied economic backgrounds and in different life stages. We put a premium on transparency, low fees and loan criteria that don't exclude people with limited incomes. For many new members, our loans and accounts represent their first use of mainstream financial services, helping them avoid predatory lenders and high-fee check cashers. Self-Help also attracts depositors who enjoy the benefits of a federally-insured credit union and our competitive rates while supporting our mission.