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Self-Help Joins Investors in Calling for HB2 Repeal

By Suzanne J. and Mary M.
  | Oct 03, 2016

Major investors at last week's press conference calling for HB2 repeal

On Monday, September 26, Self-Help joined a group of more than 50 investment management firms calling for the full repeal of North Carolina's House Bill 2 (HB2).  Investors that signed on to a joint statement included RBC Wealth Management, Morgan Stanley Investment Management, John Hancock and Trillium Asset Management. Collectively, all the investors opposing HB2 manage $2.1 trillion in assets. That figure is expected to grow as more investors formally join the opposition in the coming days and weeks.

Investors are known to be practical people who care about bottom-line profits. So why would they care about HB2?

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A Bridge to Your Butcher, Your Baker and Your Beer-Maker

By Suzanne J.
  | Sep 29, 2016

newly installed pedestrian bridge at Revolution MillIt's been an exciting time at Self-Help's Revolution Mill property in Greensboro. This week saw the installation of a new pedestrian bridge that runs alongside the future site of Natty Greene's Kitchen + Market (coming in 2017), connecting the Revolution Mill campus with land on the south side of Buffalo Creek.

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New Space for a Charter School with a Mission

By Amandine M.
  | Sep 22, 2016

It was a day of pride and gratitude. On September 16, kids, parents, elected officials and community leaders celebrated the completion of KIPP Durham College Prep, a public charter school dedicated to serving lower-income students and closing the achievement gap. “KIPP,” which is a national non-profit network of public charter schools, stands for the “Knowledge is Power Program.”

KIPP Durham ribbon-cutting ceremony

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Meet a Determined Entrepreneur and Get the Latest News

By Mary M.
  | Sep 15, 2016

We’ve been inspired by the determination of Tracy Scott, a Self-Help borrower and entrepreneur who knows how to make dreams happen.  Take a minute to meet Tracy in our latest video and find out about some really tasty salad dressings, too.

Tracy presenting her salad dressings

Tracy Scott’s personal weight loss goals led her to start her own business, Tracy’s Gourmet.

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Reflections on a Credit Union Career: Standing up for Members and Building Loyalty

By Mary M.
  | Sep 08, 2016

Ed Holland, Jr., CEO of Greater Piedmont CU
Ed Holland, Jr., in his Durham office.

When you talk to Ed Holland, Jr. about his career, two words come up a lot: trust and loyalty. In his 35 years as CEO of Greater Piedmont Credit Union, he worked hard to meet the financial needs of his members. They, in turn, have shown a strong loyalty to their credit union.

Greater Piedmont officially became part of the Self-Help family in April this year. Merging two businesses is never simple, but when considering the possibility, Ed and his board of directors were confident that the fit was right.

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Kent Corner: Sustainability for the Environment and the Community

By Amandine M.
  | Sep 02, 2016

Kent Corner developmentWe’re pleased to announce that Durham’s Kent Corner development is a project finalist for the U.S. Green Building Council North Carolina’s Sustainable Business Award. We are proud to share this honor with the other inspiring finalists.

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Saving Lives with the Gift of Blood

By Mary M.
  | Aug 24, 2016

We at Self-Help like to say we give blood, sweat and tears to our mission, and sometimes the blood donation is literal.  On Tuesday this week Self-Help Credit Union in Durham worked with the American Red Cross to hold an on-site blood drive, where staff members and some of our local neighbors had an opportunity to participate. Altogether, Self-Helpers and friends gave 25 units of blood! Each unit can save up to three people’s lives, so as many as 75 recipients could benefit.

Blood donors holding hands

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From Gardening to Impersonating Sharks: We Love our Summer Interns

By Mary M.
  | Aug 08, 2016

Excuse us if we’re a little weepy at Self-Help this week. We’re missing our summer interns, most of whom had their final day with us last Friday.  These accomplished students and recent graduates come to us with loads of talent and a strong sense of mission, and we get pretty attached.

Self-Help interns 2016

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Making a Difference Together: A Church, a City and a Community Developer

By Jordan Kinser, Faith-Based Initiatives Intern at Self-Help
  | Aug 02, 2016

Ribbon-cutting event for Elizabeth Heights

Self-Help staff, community partners and church leaders come together for a groundbreaking ceremony in Charlotte.

For almost a century, Myers Park Presbyterian Church (“Myers Park”) has been engaged in the project of making life better for people in the Charlotte community. In the early 2000s, Myers Park leaders held a series of robust community dialogues to figure out how they could do more good in their community. Again and again, these conversations pointed to a great need in the nearby Grier Heights neighborhood.

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Let's Stop 400% Payday Loans: Submit a Comment Today

By Claire Fishman
  | Jul 25, 2016

Your opinion counts. Tell the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to stop debt-trap payday loans once and for all!  

Stop Debt Trap graphic

Image from

Would you want a credit card with an APR of nearly 400%? As part of my internship with the Center for Responsible Lending, this summer I’ve been canvassing on street corners, talking to people about predatory lending. Most people I’ve met are shocked to learn that 391% is the average annual interest rate on payday loans—small loans marketed as quick fixes for cash-strapped families.

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