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How to Use This Website

Using This Website

How do I access my online banking?

Access Self-Help CU's online banking login fields from any page of this website. Enter your Username and Password where indicated and click the arrow button.

How to Log Into Online Banking - Go to the Top Right of the Screen 

How do I enroll in online banking?

To enroll in online banking, visit your local branch or call 800-966-7353.

I lost my online banking password. How do I recover it?

Visit the Online Banking FAQ. 

How do I get help?

  • Click “Help” at the top of any page of the website to access our Member Support Center.
  • Call Self-Help CU at 800.966.7353.
  • Browse our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

How to Get Help on the Website - click the Help link at the top right

My branch is located in California, Chicago or Milwaukee. Is this the correct website?

Maybe not. Our sister organization, Self-Help Federal CU’s website (with branches in California, Chicago and Milwaukee), has a separate website.This site primarily serves members of Self-Help CU.

How do I best access this site on my smartphone or tablet?

We’ve designed this site to work well with smartphones and tablets, but an even better solution for smartphone owners is to also install our free mobile banking app.

Technical and Security

What web browsers can I use for this website?

To ensure optimal performance and more secure online banking, we encourage you upgrade your browser to the newest version available.

For compatibility and security reasons, we discourage use of Internet Explorer versions 8 and older, and do not officially support them.

Please visit or to upgrade your browser.

How do I know this is really my credit union’s website?

If you’re ever uncertain about whether or not the site you’re seeing is really your credit union’s, please call us at 800.966.7353.