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Building Credit Creates New Possibilities for Self-Help Members

By Stephanie Diane Ford
  | Mar 08, 2018

Aubert Semon at Naturalization Ceremony

Credit Builder borrower Aubert Semon takes Oath of Allegiance during 2018 Naturalization Ceremony.

Increasing your credit score is the first step for many borrowers hoping to qualify for loans to buy homes or start a new business. It's easy to get mired in debt, and it can be hard to get out. At Self-Help, we offer a Credit Builder loan that helps members establish or build stronger credit while building savings, too.  

One of our members, Aubert Semon, is among many who have benefited from a Credit Builder loan. Recently Aubert agreed to talk about his experience with Stephanie Diane Ford, who works on Self-Help's communications team. 

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Don't Risk Missing Your Tax Refund!

By Staff
  | Feb 21, 2018

Before getting your tax refund directly deposited, double check your account information.

When you qualify for a tax refund, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can deposit the funds directly into a checking or savings account. This is the safest way to receive the money—but only if the Internal Revenue Service has accurate information. If your account number has changed recently, or if you have any uncertainty about your account information, please call us to verify before filing your taxes. 

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The Larger Story around Seaway Bank’s Legacy

By Anthony Scott
  | Feb 08, 2018

Bust of Jean Baptiste Pointe DuSable

By itself, the story of Seaway Bank is remarkable. The bank, opened on the South Side of Chicago in 1965, became one of the largest black-owned banks in America before joining Self-Help last year. Seaway's history is the central story I set out to tell as the producer of Seaway’s legacy documentary.

At the same time, I think the success of Seaway Bank is all the more impactful in the context of many other examples of Black Chicago greatness.

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Growing Eastern North Carolina’s Local Food Economy

By Mary Moore
  | Feb 01, 2018

A panel of growers and producers from Eastern NC.

A panel of growers and producers from the eastern part of the state shared their experience at the Wilmington, NC event.

These days it is becoming easier to find locally grown foods in restaurants and grocery stores, but that doesn’t mean the path from farm to table is smooth. Last week Self-Help hosted an event in Wilmington, NC where farmers, seafood producers, food distributors and some of NC’s leading rural and food policy experts discussed the challenges and potential solutions.

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Small Business Skyrockets from Microloan to SBA 504 Loan

By Mary Moore
  | Jan 25, 2018

Nana Manso and Anthony Bui, on a job site.

Nana Manso (left) with his associate, Anthony Bui, on a job site. Ten years ago Nana received a Self-Help business loan of $8,000. As Nana’s business has grown, Self-Help’s loans have grown, too. Photo by Ricky Leung.

If you follow Self-Help success stories, you might recognize Nana Manso (shown above). For the past decade, we’ve been privileged to witness and support Nana’s success as an entrepreneur. Beginning in 2008 with a microloan, Nana has continued to leverage Self-Help financing to build his business, most recently with a $520,000 loan financed in partnership with the U.S. Small Business Administration.

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Free Financial Wellness Coaching Offered in Two Asheville Branches

By Sonia Garrison
  | Jan 18, 2018

Photo of Kathryn Beach and Kenya Jackson

Kathryn Beach (left), financial coach for OnTrack, with Self-Help member services representative Kenya Jackson.

Self-Help branches in the Asheville area have teamed up with OnTrack WNC Financial Education and Counseling to offer free financial wellness coaching to Self-Help members. These coaching services give members an opportunity to meet individually with a trained counselor to get a financial check-up and make an action plan to help reach specific financial goals. Sessions are available in two of our branch locations, Hendersonville Road and South French Broad.

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Self-Help Opens New Branch in Rocky Mount, NC

By Connie Corn
  | Jan 11, 2018

Torey Thompson

Torey Thompson, City Executive of our new Rocky Mount branch office.

As a child Torey Thompson remembers downtown Rocky Mount, North Carolina as the heart of his community. Today Torey is leading Self-Help's new Rocky Mount branch office, which has been a leader in revitalizing an area that is seeing a surge of new enterprises.

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Five Financial Resolutions for the New Year

By NerdWallet, Inc.
  | Jan 04, 2018

Financial planning on computer

A brand new year provides the perfect opportunity to make meaningful life changes, including improved financial wellness. These five financial resolutions can help get your year off to a promising start.

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What You Did This Year: Our Tribute

By Staff
  | Dec 28, 2017

Every year we are inspired by our members' remarkable accomplishments, and 2017 was no exception. Cheers to our new homeowners, creative entrepreneurs, resilient neighborhoods, determined students and all of our members and partners. 

Thanks for all your trust and support this year. From us at Self-Help, this tribute is for you.


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A Spirit of Caring and Community: A Mountain Legacy

By Connie Corn
  | Dec 22, 2017

When I received the assignment to produce the DuPont Employees Credit Union legacy video, I was excited but somewhat overwhelmed with the challenge to fit their story in a seven-minute video. How could I tell the history of the credit union without first telling the story of the unique employee group who started it?

The DuPont plant brought a diverse group of individuals together who made the best of a work-life balance. Forming a credit union was just one of the ways they helped each other. They also formed other associations that intertwined their lives. These relationships continue today as a reflection on this unique employee group. This video is but a glimpse into their story.  

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