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Scotland Credit Association: Finding a Place Called Home

Scotland Credit Association
at a Glance

Original Name: 
Scotland Credit Association,
later Scotland Community Credit Union

Scotland Mills, for employees

Year Founded:

Year of Merger with Self-Help Credit Union:

Original Founding Location:
Wagram, NC

Scotland Credit Association was created in 1964 to serve textile workers employed by a series of companies, including J.P. Stevens. Through good times and economic downturns, Scotland provided financial services and loans to its members. In 1998, Scotland expanded its charter, enabling it to serve the entire community in and around Laurinburg, NC. Today as part of Self-Help, the credit union continues its ongoing commitment to the community and helps members save, invest and find a place to call home.


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The Laurinburg branch of Self-Help Credit Union was formerly the Scotland Credit Association

In the early 1960s, many families still stashed their savings in a jar or under a mattress. But that began to change in Scotland County, North Carolina when the textile industry moved in, bringing new jobs, new opportunities, and a new credit union for employees. Scotland Credit Association (the company avoided the word “union”) was formed in 1964 to serve local textile workers, and the great majority of them were members.

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