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Apply for Personal Membership

To open a Self-Help Credit Union account, you can apply online, or follow the steps below, or visit one of our branches.


  Step 1: Complete a Personal Membership Application

Complete, print and sign the Personal Membership Application.


  Step 2: Complete One or More New Account Applications

  • For Checking Accounts, Savings Accounts and Money Market Accounts: Complete and print one Personal Share Application for each account of these types you'd like to open.


  Step 3: Bring or Mail Us Your Completed Applications and Deposits

Deliver the completed membership application, account application(s) and any deposits to your nearest branch by mail or in person (Click here for branch locations and addresses).

If there isn’t a branch near you, mail any forms and deposits to us at 301 W. Main St, Durham, NC 27701.

Remember: If you are not eligible for free membership, please include a one-time $5 fee to join the Center for Community Self-Help (see our eligibility page).

Need Assistance?

For assistance with becoming a member or opening an account, call 800.966.7353.