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Pay Yourself First

With SAFE Home, you can build a cash cushion that will be there for you when you need it. Be ready for home repair costs, emergencies or other unexpected expenses.

Plus, Self-Help will contribute $2,000 to help jump-start your savings!

Savings to Help You Protect Your Investment

Our “Savings Account for Emergencies” (SAFE) Home savings account is designed to help new homeowners build savings to cover emergency expenses.

With SAFE Home, you combine your own monthly “set it and forget it” automated savings contributions with an initial $2,000 contribution from Self-Help to ensure that you’re ready for whatever unexpected expenses life throws your way.

SAFE Home accounts are currently only available for Equity Boost home loan borrowers. Not sure if you qualify for Equity Boost? Contact us to explore your home loan options.


SAFE Home Benefits

  • Be prepared for unexpected expenses.
  • You’ll receive a free SAFE Home Homeowner’s Resource Manual full of helpful information about maintaining your home and your financial health.
  • Automatic transfers from your checking account allow you to set it and forget it! Your account will automatically keep growing. 
  • No monthly service fee
  • Free e-statements
  • Free online banking if you use e-statements
  • Dividends paid monthly on deposits of $100 and above


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How It Works

  1. You get an Equity Boost loan from Self-Help.
  2. Self-Help will contribute a $2,000 deposit into your SAFE Home account to help jump-start your emergency savings.
  3. You set up automated monthly deposits into your SAFE Home account.
  4. Your contributions are available to you immediately, at any time. The $2,000 deposit from Self-Help is available to you three years after your loan closes, provided that you maintain automated monthly deposits into the account.


The time to begin preparing for an unexpected emergency is now.  

SAFE Home pairs with our Equity Boost home loans. Contact us today to see if you qualify for this 0% down payment option.