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Invest in great rates and a greater mission.
Your deposits directly fund stronger communities and a healthier planet.
Self-Help never invests in fossil-fuel projects. We put justice first in everything we do. Put your money to work doing good and enjoy strong returns on an investment of any size.
1-year Certificate
4.71% APY*
3-year Certificate
4.29% APY*
Money Market
3.33% APY*


Two high-yield investment options

With our deposit returns at historic highs, check out these account options to find what's right for you:


Term Certificate (CDs)

Get guaranteed returns for the length of your term and enjoy the highest dividends we offer.  

We offer term certificates from 3 months to 5 years.  Longer terms give higher rates. 


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Money Market Accounts

Enjoy a higher interest rate than our regular savings with flexible access to your money.

This hybrid account combines the features of savings and checking into one account. 


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Your Impact

See some of the ways your deposits support the success of our members and communities in Self-Help's 2022 Annual Report.
Investing in a Better Future
  • We do not finance fossil fuel extraction, infrastructure or delivery.
  • We lend to organizations that have a positive environmental impact.
  • We are expanding green financing options to help reduce energy burden for the communities we serve.
  • We benchmark energy usage, prioritize energy efficient investments, and follow green building guidelines in our real estate development.
  • We’re leading the way in carbon footprint tracking in the CDFI field.

Learn more about how we keep our commitment to environmental justice.

Take advantage of strong rates and open a high-yield deposit account with us today.

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