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Our Annual Report: Looking Back, Looking Ahead

By staff
  | Jul 02, 2020

Saint Rest

In 2019, we formed a lending partnership with Saint Rest Baptist Church, a mission-focused faith community in a low-income area of Fresno, CA.

By now, you might have seen that Self-Help’s latest annual report is out!

Frankly, it feels a bit weird to be issuing our 2019 annual report now, in the midst of 2020’s turbulence. As we, our partners and members face a whole new level of urgent needs and logistical challenges, last year seems kind of quaint by comparison, and a long time ago.

But there are lots of reasons to produce an annual report anyway. One is to document our work and express gratitude to all the members and partners who made it possible. In addition, this report helps us remember that all of today’s work would not have been possible without all that has come before. With your help, Self-Help remains in a strong position to pursue our mission today.

We’re glad to say the report covers a year of growth and accomplishments, achieved through the talents and determination of our members and support of committed partners. Here are just a few of the people and projects featured in the report:

Linda Jordan, who moved from public housing to her own new home in Tarboro, NC

Linda Jordan of Tarboro, NC becomes a homeowner

Homero Pińa, a grocer in the Chicago areas who helps address food insecurity

Homero Pina, grocer on the South Side of Chicago

Seaway Bank’s transformation into a community hub, also in Chicago

Seaway - NHS ribbon cutting

The Angier Business & Children’s Center opening in Durham, NC and also a groundbreaking for new affordable housing

ABC ribbon cutting

Affordable housing Durham

Advocacy addressing fair wages, the student debt crisis and exorbitant interest rates

Raise min wage

There’s much more—we encourage you to take a look at the entire report.

If you pause to take a look back, we hope you’ll find material to sustain and inspire you as we navigate this very tough year. The report includes a letter from our CEO, Martin Eakes, who concludes with this message:

“My hope is that, regardless of economic or political positions, we all understand that we are in this crisis and on this earth together. We ore only as strong as our weakest. Let's work to build more equitable systems and greater trust as we help each other along and navigate these challenging times.”

Thanks to all of the many staff who contributed information and stories to the report, and especially to our Media Director, Jenny Shields, who led the project while juggling many urgent COVID-related communications.

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