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Our Top Ten Stories in 2017

By Staff
  | Dec 14, 2017

It’s a pleasure to offer weekly news here at “Self-Help Shares,” and we always have lots to cover. Topics include items like money management tips, special credit union events, financial policies that affect working families and profiles of members and community leaders who inspire us.

In this post, we look back at the 10 topics that received the strongest response from readers in the past year. Enjoy a bit of nostalgia and be sure to get future posts by subscribing here.

  1. Kind Words from our Mystery Homeowner

    Photo of Martha Worley, a homeowner and Self-Help member, in front of her home in Asheville

  2. Taking the First Step Towards Homeownership

    Photo of new homeowner Anika Williams and her daughters

  3. Renting vs. Owning – A Few Facts to Consider

    Photo of 2017 summer intern Teree Willis

  4. WATCH: Time-lapse Footage of New Sign Installation in Durham

    View of Self-Help sign illuminated at night

  5. Summer Interns Bring Year-Round Benefits

    Group photo of 2016 Self-Help Interns

  6. Self-Help Borrower Farms Award-Winning Oysters

    Ryan Bethea, oyster farmer and owner of Oysters Carolina, posing with some oysters

  7. Milestone: 15 Years of Fighting Predatory Lending

    Wade Henderson, president of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights and CRL Board member, speaks at CRL’s recent anniversary celebration at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York.

  8. Extending our Family in Florida and Chicago

    Group photo of Seaway staff members

  9. Self-Help Offers Community Scholarships

    A photo collage of 2016 Self-Help Credit Union Scholars

  10. Sharing the Legacy of an African-American Credit Union

    Opening credit screen from a video about the history of St. Luke Credit Union

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