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Summer Interns Bring Year-Round Benefits

By Mary Moore
  | Feb 16, 2017

2016 Self-Help Interns

Self-Help interns, class of 2016

Self-Help is now accepting applications for 10-week summer internships. Projects are available in a variety of areas, including real estate, commercial lending, clean energy, policy work and marketing. Deadline is February, 26.


We won’t compare a Self-Help internship to a stint in the army, but the same slogan applies: it’s not just a job. It’s a chance to do hands-on community development work that often makes a lasting difference. That’s because our internships are a vital part of the work we do at Self-Help.

  • Our internship program is tied to our mission.

    Our interns reflect our commitment to expand opportunities for promising students and to hire a diverse staff. At the same time, we are developing future leaders to carry our mission forward.

    “Our interns typically come to us when they’re actively exploring their future career paths,” said Barbara Thomas, Self-Help's Director of Recruiting and Staff Development. “We hope to help them develop a love for building stronger communities through community development finance.”

  • Our interns do work with real-life results.

    Merald Holloway, Director of Staff and Remote Member Services, has worked with at least half a dozen summer interns, and he’s grateful for their ability to dig in deeply.

    “Interns can have a laser-like focus on one important project. I’ve seen many produce results that had a long-term impact,” said Holloway.

    Melissa Malkin-Weber, Sustainability Director, agrees. She continues to use work produced by interns — such as green building guidelines for Self-Help construction projects and a model to evaluate investments in energy efficient lighting.

    “My goal is for my interns to get a meaningful experience applying their skills and passion. I know it’s working because they do outstanding work that I rely on for years to come.” said Malkin-Weber.

  • We identify and benefit from amazing talent.

    After a summer at Self-Help, many interns go on to have brilliant careers. Former Self-Help intern and UNC graduate Maggie West is now the founder and co-leader of the Community Empowerment Fund in Chapel Hill. Others have served in key roles in business, government or on Capitol Hill. A number of former interns have ended up joining the Self-Help staff, like Nick Auten, Commercial Credit Officer; Emma Haney, Development Associate; Adelcio Lugo, Regional Director; Deborah Momsen-Hudson, Secondary Market Director; and Jennifer Sherwin, Business Development Officer — just to name a few.

This year, Self-Help Credit Union and affiliates are hiring up to 21 undergraduate and graduate students to take on an array of projects. Internships are available in Durham and other locations around NC, DC and California. Find more information at

Maya Dantzler, former Self-Help Intern

“When I accepted the internship with Self-Help, I had no idea it would provide me the foundation, knowledge and relationships that I came out with… There was not a day I didn’t learn something new. It was an honor and privilege to spend last summer working with an organization that understands and values community and is dedicated to the prosperity of all.”

— Maya Dantzler, 2016 intern, now education fellow for a Senate committee in Washington, DC.


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