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Recapping our Annual Meeting

By Mary M.
  | Nov 11, 2016

On November 9, Self-Help held its annual meeting in downtown Durham, providing members and guests with delicious local food and also plenty of food for thought.

The theme of the event was “Building Opportunity through Clean Energy.”

Melissa Malkin-Weber, Sustainability Director at Self-Help Credit Union, gave us a tour of Self-Help’s clean energy impact, from the more than $164 million we’ve invested in solar energy to the LED light bulbs we’ve installed in our buildings.

Melissa also spoke about why Self-Help cares about sustainability and clean energy: “When I first learned about climate change, I thought it was going to be a problem for my grandchildren. But it turns out the climate is shifting faster than anyone thought, and now it’s a problem that our generation has to solve….I always come back to our values as a civil rights organization. We are looking for projects where clean energy can be an engine of environmental justice as well as the engine of economic growth and environmental protection.” 

randy chambers presenting

Self-Help Credit Union president and CFO Randy Chambers gave an overview of Self-Help’s finances.


Martin Eakes presenting

CEO Martin Eakes mapped out the credit unions that have joined the Self-Help family. By merging with smaller credit unions with compatible missions, we extend our reach and bring more fair and affordable financial services to under-served areas.


Melissa Malkin-Weber presenting

Melissa Malkin-Weber, Sustainability Director, discusses Self-Help’s commitment to clean energy. Self-Help has invested over $346 million in loans to environmentally sustainable businesses and projects.


NC Co-op Extension table

Special guests included representatives from the NC Cooperative Extension and solar-energy company Southern Energy Management.


buffet at annual meeting

We appreciate the delicious food provided by local vendors Core Catering – and we appreciate that Core Catering composts their plates, cutlery and food waste, rather than throwing it in a landfill.


Sheila Wheeler and La-Tasha Best-Gaddy

Among those who attended: Sheila Wheeler of our commercial lending team, and La-Tasha Best-Gaddy, vice-chair of the Self-Help Credit Union board.

Many thanks to all the members, friends, staff and board members who attended! 

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