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Self-Help's Top 10 Blog Posts in 2020

By staff
  | Dec 17, 2020

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Each year we eagerly look forward to seeing which of our blog posts struck the biggest chords with our readers. This year, not surprisingly, several of the top posts relate to COVID relief and resources. You were interested in protecting your finances and learning tips for buying a home during this uncertain time.

Posts that focused on hope were also popular: the survival of a small business; a personal reflection on the First Legacy merger in Charlotte; a new branch location in Raleigh; and a new collaborative to build racial equity into our education lending.

We were touched that the top post of the year focused on Self-Help’s 40th anniversary and our gratitude to all who have walked with us and supported us along the way. We end this year the same way we began it: with deep gratitude to our members, staff, allies and friends. Happy holidays to all!


1.   Celebrating 40 Years: Thanks for Joining Us on this Journey

40th Anniversary poster


2.  Protecting Your Financial Health During COVID-19

Protecting Your Financial Health During COVID


3.   A Message from Our President (2019 New Year's Message)

Randy Chambers


4,  Helping Small Businesses & Nonprofits Survive with PPP Funds   

Helping small businesses survive


5.  Protecting Your Relief Funds: Watch Out for Scammers

Watch out for Scammers


6.  Buying a Home in the Time of COVID

Buying a home during COVID


7.  This Business Loan Answered a Prayer

Dedra and Avis Hines


8.  “A Burden Was Lifted" - Employee Reflects on a New Merger with an Old Partner

Octavia Alexander


9. Self-Help Comes to Raleigh! 

Raleigh community wall


10.  Introducing the CDFI Racial Equity Collaborative on Education

Students at Henderson Collegiate charter school


Finally, we want to mention one more. All of the above topics were the most popular posts created this year, but a 2019 profile on the late Andrea Harris was also in the top 10 for 2020. We are missing this great leader for economic justice and social change.

Breaking Barriers and Building Coalitions: Thoughts from Andrea Harris

Ms. Andrea Harris


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